Asia Box

Our franchise program - a strong concept waiting for you!

The Dream of Asia

We have shortened it:

With the Asia-Box franchise program

  • Innovation
  • Competence
  • Market power
  • Customer focus
A system for success. Success we can only have with reliable partners. We mean deliberately partners and not just franchisees.

A powerful concept for Asia-Box Partners

Individual fighters have a hard time! In our Asia-Box team it is much easier to have success, because our partners are independent with a proven, tested and successful system and that is:

Asia-Box is a gastronomic brand with high name recognition, uniform appearance and very good returns. Asia-Box is an "in"-Product and will remain so, because we are constantly updated. The quality furniture is classic and does not follow short-term trends. We can help you find and choose a suitable location, you will benefit from our years of experience in this area.

Our experience for your success

* We work with you, for you. Our experienced installers will help you implement or expand your Asia-Box.

* We advise and assist you with your conversion and expansion of your Asia-Box, monitor the construction work together with you and support you in managing regulatory approval processes (licensing, building authority, etc.).

* We are with you on a budget plan and ensure compliance.
Get help on a tender for the reconstruction. We will contact the required companies and help you with the negotiations, to achieve the best conditions. For the most important positions we have negotiated framework contracts, which have extremely favorable terms for our partners. We will train you extensively, taking into consideration your individual knowledge.

* We advise you on building a succesfull crew and set your new employees to work in the Asia-Box concept. We will support you too have the first opening day with an experienced workforce that is prepared for its assignments. Together with our experienced staff, we are in the pre-opening and opening phase constantly at your side to support you intensively and to support the operation of your Asia-Box. Of course we are also after the introductory period in the current business always there for you.

* We provide you with all the form filling for the concept. From employee - setting up to individual sheet paper.

* We provide you with all of the printing things you will need like

      Invitation cards
      Table Tents
      Flyers for special promotions

      (Printing costs are borne by the franchisee)

The Asia Box continues to evolve:

    * New marketing campaigns
    * New product promotions
    * Improving the purchasing advantages
    * Business support
    * System data comparisons
    * Public Relations
    * Support and training of employees and partners
    * Market monitoring and further development of the market projection

We support you permanently in the analysis and optimization of your business figures.

Having signed the agreement you will receive all required system manuals that tell you and your employees how to successfully work in Asia-Box. In addition to all recipes, clear policies and guidelines it contains many hints from many years, that our dining experience has collected.

Should your interest be aroused, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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